Veröld - Vigdís' house

Veröld - Vigdís' house was opened on 20 April of 2017. 

The house is open to visitors every day except Sundays. From Monday to Saturday from 11 to 16 and by appointment. In Veröld, you can learn about Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, the first woman democratically elected as president of a country. You can also learn about the architecture of this beautiful building, and about the activities of the institute and centre housed in Veröld. There are guided tours around the building by appointment. 

The inaugural exhibition in the information and education centre of Veröld - Vigdís' house will be opened on Saturday 1 July. The exhibition is called SAMTAL – DIALOGUE and explores in a range of media the life, work and causes of Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former President of Iceland.  The exhibition recounts Vigdís' student years abroad and her career as a teacher of French, a tour guide, and manager of the Reykjavík Theatre Company, then explores her many-faceted role as President of Iceland 1980-96, and all the good work she has done since leaving office – for instance as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, and with the Institute of Foreign Languages which bears her name.

The exhibition also provides insight into interests and causes that are dear to Vigdís' heart: visitors will see some of her favourite books, along with quotations and poetry; and observe the Friendship Forest at Þingvellir grow and flourish. Visitors are encouraged to participate in dialogue with Vigdís: to take seat in the blue theatre chairs and contemplate concepts such as: honesty, human rights, culture, knowledge, equality, language, progress, broad-mindedness and education.

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